TWC Emerging Leaders

TWC Emerging Leaders is a critical program in the Women’s Collective’s continued efforts to support women in their development as future leaders for their professions. Through one-on-one interactions with a mentor, mentees will receive support for their leadership development goals in terms of practical advice and guidance, as well as support in identifying future career or volunteer paths.

Empowering mentee participants is an overarching design philosophy—the program is designed to be mentee-driven to allow mentees to take ownership of their learning.

Define It

Mentor leadership is the creation of a personal and professional development relationship between a leader, or mentor, and a person in the organization that demonstrates leadership potential. Mentoring is the act of sharing relevant insight and wisdom that accelerates the mentee’s personal and professional development.

Develop It

A mentor can help you develop important professional connections, expand your network personally and expose you to new opportunities professionally.

Be Dedicated to It

Sometimes it seems hard to get a mentor leadership program off the ground. It is ideal if your organization creates a clear strategy for mentor leadership opportunities. A thoughtful framework helps determine the guiding principles, clarifies reasons for the program, helps define the objectives, and creates a plan for implementation.

Become an Associate Member

A critical pillar of The Women’s Collective is creating meaningful connections with other strong and effective women leaders. As we expand and continue to make an impact for women in the workplace, we are excited to announce the start of our Associate Membership. Only mentees who graduate from the TWC Emerging Leaders program will have the opportunity to participate in this membership. Associate Members will continue to grow their connections with our senior level and C-suite members while participating in programs that will benefit and further develop them as women leaders.

  • 12-month commitment; renewed annually based on participation
  • Open to mentees that graduate from the TWC Emerging Leaders program
  • Attend 75% of events
  • Volunteer opportunities at various events and programs
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